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about 1 month ago
I don't even know

Ok, so proper format if you do need to do this again(Lets hope not), but I've checked it out, and its nothing, I am unbanning you because its your base. 

4 months ago
Staff Applications 2020

Hello again I would like to submit some other builds to the engie application

What I am submitting this time is some build in Petal River, the abandoned town, the builds that Im submitting are marked by a tower of Green Glazed Terracotta with a birch sign on it.

The Coords to PR is x=-2990 z=520

7 months ago
Staff Applications 2020

Minecraft Username: JohnIsEpic

Discord Username: JohnIsEpic#1131

Age: 17

Position: Engineer

Current Rank: Emerald

Why you want to be a mod/engie: I would like the position of Engineer because of my building skill and I have recived many compliments on my many build threw out the 5 months I have on the server. The build I'm submiting is Ebix Land, my theme park, there are many builds there and more on the way. I am pretty good at redstone by the multiple mechanisms I have made. And I am always looking for a new creative way to make things. Another major build I have done is the Nether Highway V2 after the update to 1.16.  I have also made my Quad Farm (Creeper, Iron, Guardian, Classic Grinder).

Coords:-1414 -2747

Dm for screenshots