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6 months ago
VIP++ (Donating more than 10 dollars)

Thanks for the suggestions Misa, we will discuss these in staff chat. By the way, we are currently working on $10+ perks and within the next few days you should see some new ones.

Thanks again for supporting TLC! 🥰

6 months ago
asher622 ban appeal

Hey Asher,

It was brought to my attention yesterday that you had stolen items from Give_Me_Ores, including an enchantment table and bookshelves. The iron shop in the marketplace had blocks of iron missing, so it was not just item frames. In addition, you also griefed Smoll_Shiba's home.

I am denying this ban appeal as it does not address the majority of the reasons for your ban, however you are welcome to create a new, more honest ban appeal.

Denied & Locked.

7 months ago

Done! On behalf of all TLC staff & the community you're supporting,


Your donation helps keep TLC alive, and we couldn't do it without your help!



9 months ago
Overworld Void Glitch

We are hoping to update to 1.15 in the very near future, hopefully this solves this issue. I will also be sure to mention this at the next staff meeting.

9 months ago
could we ever have /wild?

Hey xNaya, thanks for the suggestion.

When we updated to 1.14.4, we decided against having a /wild or /rtp. We want to encourage players to naturally explore the map. If you're looking for a spot to settle, I recommend using to view our frequently updated Dynmap.