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about 1 month ago
VIP Tiers & Perks

Here at TLC, we offer our patrons and donors many cosmetic perks while following Mojang's EULA. You can become a patron of TLC on Patreon, a monthly subscription service. 

All patrons get a spot in Patreon Hall, you can find Patreon Hall at spawn or by doing /warp patreonhall in-game.

VIP ($3+ per month)

  • /hat - use almost any item as a hat
  • "[]" tag before your rank in-game
  • VIP role on Discord
  • colored text on signs using `&` codes
  • /disguise - transform into a passive mob
  • Patreon-only Discord text & voice channel
  • Create maps of custom images (/tomap )

VIP+ ($5+ per month)

  • All benefits from last tier &
  • Limited WorldEdit on the creative map (/warp creative)
  • /disguise - transform into a hostile mob
  • ability to create floating holograms (/hd)
  • VIP+ role on Discord
  • access to /nick in-game & on Discord

VIP++ ($10+ per month)

  • All /disguises
  • VIP++ role on Discord
  • Priority on EULA-compliant donor perk suggestions

You'll also receive our eternal gratitude for keeping TLC alive. We couldn't do it without you.

about 1 month ago
How did I got banned.

I kept finding more and more places that you griefed, and I decided it was too much.

I have changed your ban from permanent to temporary. It will expire two weeks from today (1/21/2021).
When you come back, remember that griefing is against the rules. Do /rules for a reminder, or read the board at spawn.


2 months ago
CraftBook Plugin & How to Use

Recently we've added the CraftBook plugin! You might recognize this from some older maps or other servers, but if not, this guide should help you make the most of it :D


You can now actually sit on stairs, no more awkwardly crouching :P Just right-click a stair block with an empty hand to sit! Crouch to leave the chair.

Mob Heads

Mob heads are now much easier to come by, as all mobs have the chance to drop their head when killed. Looting enchantments DO increase the drop rates. Wither skeleton skulls still have the same drop rate from vanilla Minecraft.


Right-click on a bookshelf for some wisdom, or a funny joke. There's tons of random messages to read, so go read a book!

Bridges, Gates & Elevator Signs

Maybe one of the most useful features of this plugin (so far) is the ability to make bridges, gates, and elevator signs for quick transportation, defending your village, etc.

- Bridges

Create a bridge and then place a sign somewhere attached to the floor of the bridge itself. Here is how your sign should look:

Line 1: <empty>
Line 2: [Bridge]
Line 3: <empty>
Line 4: <empty /></empty></empty>

Place a matching sign directly across from the first one, at the other end of your bridge. Now right-click on the sign! The plugin *should* recognize the bridge & give you the option to toggle open/closed by right-clicking the sign. You can also activate the sign with redstone for the same effect!

- Gates

Very similar to how Bridges work, but you only need one sign for a gate. Fences will work 100% of the time for gates, but you can test it with other blocks too. Attach the sign somewhere near the gate, the closer the more likely it will work. Your sign should look like this:

Line 1: <empty>
Line 2: [Gate]
Line 3: <empty>
Line 4: <empty /></empty></empty>

Right-click on the sign to toggle open/closed, and maybe try to activate the sign with redstone for a cleaner look!

- Elevator (Lift) Signs

I use this A LOT, and once you get the hang of making them, you probably will too! This allows you to teleport between floors. Note: the signs must be at the exact same X and Z coordinates to work together!

If you're at the bottom level, write [Lift Up] on the second line of the sign.
If you're at the top level, write [Lift Down] on the second line of the sign.

You can also put a floor name in the first line of the sign, and it will tell you what floor you are on when you use the sign.


This one's really simple and needs almost zero setup. Just power a jukebox with any redstone signal, and when it is activated it will start/restart the disc in the jukebox! I recommend putting it near the door to your house, maybe activated by pressure plates so that it plays a "welcome home" song, or whatever you see it as :P

I hope this has helped you use our CraftBook plugin! I'll update this with more info if necessary :)

2 months ago
Username change moment

Looks like it's a lot easier to type :P

2 months ago
ban suggestion

Good suggestion Briny, I made a new ban message which gives a bunch more information useful for creating a ban appeal.