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about 1 month ago
My Ban Appeal

This post is going to be simple, and straight forward. It has agreed by a mast majority by the TLC staff that “Tryagian”,”ReedFam2020” will continue to be Banned for the unforeseeable future. To be clear this isn’t the first time we received a complaint about Tryagian’s attitude and mannerism, or minor threats to TLC. TLC staff do try to be lenient with the server rules when trying to diffuse situations. This Incident on the other hand has crossed a certain line most Minecraft, or ANY online community tries to avoid at all cost “Cyber-bullying”. Two of the Main Rules for the In-game chat and discord have been broken, and by all means, would NOT be tolerated in the TLC community. Also, this isn’t the first time we have gotten compliant about Tryagians’ attitude. This ban appeal shows little to no remorse for the action Tryagian has committed. Now both parties have calmed down, and this CAN reflect this ban and hope this absence form the server can help realign both parties’ attitudes and state of mind.

  *Note The reason this post was delayed, was to see if Tryagian attitude/reasoning has changed within the past Two weeks of his ban.

2 months ago
master_cat77 ban appeal

Well, 3 months Time out should be long enough for you to realize that even Online if you don't act with manners you'll receive consequences. Please reframe from misbehaving, and look into helping others when the situation arrives. Thread Locked.

6 months ago
Ban appeal for Asher622

Hello, Reading over and understand the situation of the ban and the amount of he's been banned. I'm going to Unban Asher622. No matter what server, age, or even game. I highly recommend reading all rules, and restrictions. Asher is young, he will learn. Fix the habits on understanding that there are other players (humans) that do spend time online here, and don't want to come home from work or school to find their work destroyed. 

    , Locked


11 months ago

Since you no longer "Lying" how many homes have you Broken into, and how many items do you think you have stolen?