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6 days ago
ban appeal

You came on the server, and proceeded to steal a fairly large amount of stuff from unlocked chests at someone's base. You also asked me to confirm that griefing was not allowed, and I confirmed that it was not. Shortly thereafter you broke several heads in someone's base. You stole a saddle from a horse in that base, and then when I confronted you on it, you proceeded to log out while still on the horse. I had to rollback upwards of 500 blocks that you took from someone's chests or broke. The fact that you logged out when I confronted you shows that it was clearly intentional and that you didn't know I was able to see you.

20 days ago
Player Suggestions

To answer Briny's question here, we've had the dragon plugin for over a month and there have been very few complaints outside of actual glitches or bugs. It's not difficult to avoid the dragon if you're not planning on fighting it, and many players have just set homes at the end farm. Almost everyone that is on the server knows about the automatic dragon spawning plugin, and they know to avoid the dragon when they want to experience farm. Overall, it's been a good plugin for the server and has made things more interesting for all the players.

20 days ago
Banned for Racism, I'm very confused

You didn't merely build a bamboo garden. You made a swastika out of bamboo, which is an offensive symbol for many reasons, including most notably, racism. We don't tolerate bigotry on this server, even if it was a joke. 

20 days ago
Ban Appeal

What actually happened here, for the record, is you asked to 1v1 me in the bamboo, I jokingly /killed you, and you said "I said in bamboo retard". This can easily be checked with discord chat that everyone has access to. Also every staff member that was on at the time saw what you said as well. I muted you and you said more in muted chat, acting like you didn't know why I did it and claimed it was an abuse of power. Calling someone an ableist slur is absolutely unforgivable, especially against a staff member. You will never be unbanned. 

about 1 month ago
Staff Applications 2020

Minecraft Username: CelestialCat98

Discord Username: Catherine#1795

Age: 22

Position: Moderator

Current rank: Emerald

Why you want to be a mod/engie: I used to play on the server a few years ago, and it's always been my favorite minecraft server to come back to. I love the community on the server and I would love to help out. I don't have experience moderating in the past but I am willing to put in the work to learn how. I have a lot of free time, and I'm currently very active on the server, usually on multiple hours every day. I try to help people whenever I can, whether it be lending them materials or helping someone with a plugin or command.