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CielVice_Flower This is my story so far. PS you are one of the best members but don't tell anyone I said that.
Oh wow, I'm a long time member of TLC and you will see me playing from time to time as work allows. I have been on staff for years now and am an Admin. I have been on a hiatus of sorts for the past couple of years due to a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, which I am beating to the curb. I teach 4th grade and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metroplex. Minecraft is my escape and I love seeing all of you on line and chatting with you. My motto is still "If at first you don't succeed, trying doing it the way your teacher told you". Blue


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Staff Applications Now Open

Glitch thanks for the laugh.  I can hear you saying it just like that.  

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Hi there

Looking forward to seeing you soon


10 months ago
fatbeandee's ban appeal

You have not apologized nor have you told us how your behavior has changed or will change should we unban you. You have not even told us your reasons for griefing in the first place. You just said "hey I did it...can I get unbanned?" Give us a reason to unban you. Sincerely, Blue