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Server Rules
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12 Aug 2019
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25 Jan 2021

These rules apply to our game server, website, and social media accounts (as applicable). Please help us keep TLC a fun and welcoming environment by playing fairly and following these rules.

TLC's Golden Rules

  • Be Smart
  • Be Nice
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Mature

In-Game Chat, Discord, Forums, Social Media

  • Keep it PG-13 and avoid inappropriate language or topics;
  • Do not post racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory or bigoted remarks;
  • Do not harass or "cyberbully" players or staff;
  • Do not spam messages, whether public or private; and
  • Do not advertise other game servers or communities.

Game Server - General

  • Keep it PG-13 and avoid inappropriate themes when building or naming items;
  • Do not grief other players -- including livestock and crops, and including building nearby with the intention to harass;
  • Do not steal from other players' chests -- and protect yourself by locking your own chests and doors;
  • Do not create automated contraptions that result in noticeable server lag (this includes mob farms); and
  • Do not use mods, cheats, or hacks.

Game Server - PvP

  • Do not PvP other players without their prior consent -- there are dedicated PvP arenas at spawn for players wishing to PvP in a controlled environment;
  • If a player asks you to stop PvPing them, you must stop immediately.
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