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Server Fun Facts - 2019 09 26
Started by Nathanacus



12 Aug 2019
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25 Jan 2021

Do you enjoy meaningless statistics and cocktail party fun facts? Well, then our stats page is for you! At the bottom, you'll find an embedded Tableau dashboard with all sorts of player statistics (updated every 1-2 weeks). My favorite stat this week? We've killed 666 pigs.

Other "top" activities include:

  • 247,796 blocks of stone mined;
  • 39,678 blocks of stone brick crafted;
  • 10,114 zombies killed;
  • 281 kills by zombies;
  • 33,291 blocks of cobblestone dropped;
  • 375,721 blocks of cobblestone picked up;
  • 341,822 uses of a diamond pickaxe (and a single use of a panda spawn egg);
  • 275 iron pickaxes broken.

To start a new TLC tradition, here are some scavenger hunt questions that can be answered using our stats page. Send me a private message on Discord with the answers to win one diamond for each correct answer. You have until the end of the weekend to message me (and please do not post the answers publicly, that's no fun).

  1. How many infested stone bricks have been mined?
  2. How many anvils have been crafted?
  3. How many times has a crossbow been used?
Nathanacus · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago