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So glad to be back.
Hey everyone, back from the dead. Know what happens when you leave a chicken farm for 3 months, LOTS of eggs
o hi btw
Captain's log: day 245. Still no coral reef.
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YouTuber Rank

Nathanacus posted Sep 9, 18

Are you interested in becoming an official YouTuber of TLC? You will receive /tpa, /tpahere, and /fly in exchange for regularly posting quality video content that features TLC. For more information, check out this announcement in the forums.

We will review the first round of applicants duing our October 14 staff meeting -- that gives everyone who is interested just over one month to meet the requirements. We are looking forward to seeing what you create!

Newest moderator

morgan_134 posted Sep 8, 18

I'm very excited to announce WLgummybear as the newest member of our staff team. Congratulations on becoming moderator, and welcome to the team! 

Lindy086 Good Job!
Flaughternaught Congratulations, Gummy.
Bluemint0262 WOOHOO! Congratulations gummy!

Server Now Open!

Nathanacus posted Sep 3, 18

That's right, our server is now upgraded to 1.13.1 and open for business! Please bear with us as we work out the remaining kinks (which may require frequent restarts), but we will do our best to minimize the impact to everyone. Please leave any feedback on the new server in the comments!

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