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Hey yall, just wanted to let any mods that are on know that the servers been down for a few hours, if anyone is able to get it up
woop woop
I will be returning and resuming construction on my hut.
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Okay It has come to my attention that many of you think it will not be fair to look up the answers on the Trivia contest.  I never thought you were a bunch of history books so by all means look it up, Google it, or get the information however you can.  You have permission to CHEAT because in this case it's not cheating.  Look up those answers and get yourself a God Pick. 

This month, a little trivia beginning with a man named Wilbur McLean.  In April, 1861 he lived in a place called Manassas Virginia, USA with a small stream on his land called Bull Run.  In July 1861 the first full fledged battle of the United States Civil War raged through his property called The Battle of Bull Run.  A Union shell came down his chimney and landed on his kitchen floor.  After the second Battle of Bull Run in1863, he was ready to get away from the war.  He moved his family into a six room, two story building with a good property 120 miles away in Virginia.  In 1865, a Union (northern) general came to town needing a place to have a meeting between a northern and southern general.  When nowhere else was acceptable, Wilbur McLean offered his own house.  The two generals were Ulysses Grant (North) and Robert E Lee (South).  The conversation led to the signing of a surrender. The United States Civil War was effectively over. Wilbur McLean was able to claim later that the war had begun in his front yard and ended in his living room. 

April is full of historic events.  The Titanic sank, and San Francisco suffered the great earthquake. Ponce DeLeon sighted Florida and Hans Christian Anderson was born in Denmark.  Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman Supreme Court Justice and NATO was born.  Martin Luther King was assassinated and The US entered WWI.  The Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald was liberated by U.S. troops and the words "Houston we have a problem" was issued from Apollo 13 after an explosion on their way to the moon.  The first shuttle launched and Noah Webster published his first American Dictionary.  Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and John F Kennedy messed up at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.  Paul Revere took his midnight ride and Canada got a new Constitution.  The Branch Dividian compound was assaulted in Waco Texas and the nine story federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed.  The deadliest school shooting happened in Columbine Colorado and Texas defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto effectively securing their independence as a country of their own.  Nearly 2 million acres of previous Indian land were made available for settlement in a land run in Oklahoma and the Library of Congress was established in Washington DC.  At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, an explosion caused a meltdown and telegraph inventor Samuel F.B. Morse was born.  Mutiny occurred on the Bounty and George Washington became the first President of the United States.

April is a busy busy month in history and if you can send Blue a message with the years all these things happened I will give you a God Pick.  The staff hopes you write your own history this month, play plenty of Minecraft, and have fun!

Glitch_ I love this post.

Most of you know, or should know how great Sissybar has been in the past about building some amazing builds for us, some of which were never used before we updated to 1.13, and we are currently searching for those schematics.  Her Pagoda build was especially intricate.  Some of her builds have as many as a million or more blocks.  If we can't find them, then we are counting on her fantastic building abilities to build some more arenas, games and maybe a new spawn.  It takes her a long time to get them built from scratch so be patient and encouraging.  She and Blue can also restart the server now, so if you see it go down, you can get with Morgan, Sissy, Blue, Karrrot or Lucc9 and see if we can get it up and going again.  We are so happy we have someone on staff who is so talented and look forward to seeing her builds for games, arenas and a new spawn. 

You are fantastic Sissybar! Thanks for all you do!

Sissybar So many loving words in which I can barely handle, and barely to believe that I even deserve. Thank you so much for this...
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