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    Online TLC
    2 / 45
    Today's Record: 6 players (23 hours ago)
    Monthly Record: 15 players (Jul 26, 17)
    Twitch Channels
    Solo Pub-ing :3 and maybe some randoms!
    Online users (0)
    No users online.

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    Server Lists
    • planetminecraft.com
    • minecraft-server.net
    • MC-Servers.com
    • Minecraft-Server-List.com
    • Minecraft-MP.com
    • mcserverstatus.com
    • serverpact.com
    • MinecraftList.org
    Weekly Top Voter
    Voted 5 times!
    Top Monthly Voters
    79 votes
    20 votes
    15 votes
    14 votes
    14 votes
    Server's back online
    Glitch, what if I wanna go blind?
    How was cow?
    im back from vaca
    Happy Eclipse everyone! (Remember to protect your eyes.)
    You do not have access to shout.
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    This is Ains_, our disgustingly corrupt Player of The Month who didn't pay me a large sum of money to attain this award.
    This is Sissybar, our community viking/world edit wizard. She isn't holding me captive in a hole somewhere. Please send hel
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