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    Online TLC
    10 / 45
    Today's Record: 13 players (3 hours ago)
    Monthly Record: 14 players (Jan 3, 18)
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    No users online.

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    well...I could be
    Are you sure you aren't a zombie?
    hi friends, I am alive
    A little late happy new year! Studies are taking over my life. Send hel-...
    just a little crash, restarting.
    You do not have access to shout.
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    This is Ains_, our disgustingly corrupt Player of The Month who didn't pay me a large sum of money to attain this award.
    This is Sissybar, our community viking/world edit wizard. She isn't holding me captive in a hole somewhere. Please send hel
    -=[The Four Cardinal Rules]=-
    Be Smart
    You should know what the rules are -- not knowing the rules is not a good reason for breaking them! Along those lines, don't be stupid -- if stealing, destruction of property, and harassment are illegal in real life, why would you assume that they're allowed here?

    Be Nice
    You are not the only player here who wants to have fun, so please respect other players and their things, and don't insult other players or otherwise demean them; would you want another player being mean to you?

    Be Respectful
    As mentioned before, the players are here to have fun. If you are disrespecting them with arguments, griefing, cheating, or anything else of the sort, do you think that either of you are really having any fun together? Give respect and you'll get respect!

    Be Mature
    This shouldn't really require an explanation, but please always use common sense and be kind to each other. If you aren't mature enough to keep a level head and know wrong from right, you probably shouldn't be wandering internet communities in the first place.
    -=[Specific Breakdown of Rules]=-
    These rules apply to all of our game servers; the language and related rules also apply to our website. However, use common sense -- just because something isn't explicitly listed here doesn't mean it's not a stupid thing to do.
    If you are doing anything that inhibits other players ability to use and enjoy the server, you will be warned or banned. This includes building lag machines, being disrespectful, fighting, gaining unfair advantages over other players (e.g. hacked clients), and basically anything else that a staff member would ask you not to do. 
    Be happy - play happy - don't get banned.
    The end.
     Griefing is not allowed. Our attitude towards griefing is one of "zero tolerance," and we do have the tools to catch and undo it.
    If you accidentally break a block, just put it back, and no harm done!
    The Number 1 Rule:
    And make sure
    you let everyone else have fun, too! We all just want to have a good time!

    Arguing (with players or staff):
    It is simply unnecessary -- if you have a problem with another player, talk to a staff member or an owner about it and then step away. There's no sense risking getting yourself into trouble by continuing to make things worse.
    Stealing and Fraud:
    Stealing is not allowed, whether it's from an unlocked chest, from a player accidentally dropping an item, or from you cheating another player in a trade agreement by not holding-up your end. Tip: don't leave valuables in unlocked chests.
    AFKing at a Grinder:
    We do not allow people to AFK at a mob grinder.  People are welcome to stay at a grinder if they're active in the game, but AFKing is not okay.
    Keep inappropriate language to a minimum! This is especially true in global chat or the HOME channel in Teamspeak. If you're using inappropriate language and someone says stop, please stop!
    PvP (Player Versus Player):
    PvP is only allowed in the End, Nether, and within the PvP Quadrant ((-250,-250) to the world border) in the Overworld.
    Trolls Will Be Trolled (and banned):
    Nobody likes trolls -- if you troll us, we'll troll you back... by banning you!
    Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Etc.:
    We come from all over the world, and such backwards and archaic attitudes are simply wrong and inappropriate. These will NOT be tolerated, and you WILL be banned. Just because one person thinks its funny, doesn't mean everyone will.

    X-Raying and Hacking:
    We are all here to play Minecraft and have a good time -- respect other players by keeping things fair. Like griefing, we have a zero tolerance policy on hacks and x-ray mods -- you will receive a ban. Hacks are never allowed. If in doubt, don't.
    Do Not Exploit Glitches:
    Please report any glitches you find! Exploiting glitches is akin to hacking!
    (This does not include our Admin Glitch_. He's a good glitch.)
    Spam and CAPS:
    Please do not spam our chat. It's incredibly difficult to have conversations when most of chat is taken up with irrelevant, spammy messages. This includes things like repeating over and over "does anyone want to buy xyz" or "does anyone want to join my town."
    Excessive Redstone:
    Light-up the area around your redstone circuitry to avoid lighting update lag. Do not leave timers running if you can help it. Don't build walls of dispensers either. Staff will dismantle laggy contraptions and do not have to return materials.
    Forum Signatures:
    Please keep them to a reasonable length -- if it gets too long, we'll ask you to shorten it.
    We love our players, so harrassment is absolutely not tolerated -- more than that, cyberbullying is simply illegal in the United States. So, long story short: don't harrass our players!