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    Important Announcements

    Happy New Year!

    Nathanacus posted Jan 1, 18

    To celebrate, everyone has received 8,000 points, redeemable for various temporary kits in the donation shop. If you have any questions, let us know!

    The new rank system is now in place! Type /rank help while in-game to see the full list of commands! If you need donator perks restored, please send a private message to Nathanacus over the website; if you need your play time restored, please contact Nathanacus in-game. Hopefully this new system is much simpler and more user-friendly once it gets going!

    Hey all, we have a big change to announce today! In order to automate our ranks and make the rank system a bit more user-friendly, we are going to be moving to an mostly automated rank system, based on time spent in-game and vouches obtained in-game. If you'd like to take a peek at what the new ranks will be, head on over to our wiki page; otherwise, more information on how to use the new ranks plugin will be released once we've finalized everything in a few days. Cheers, and make sure you check out the wiki for information! http://www.thelegendcontinues.org/wiki/m/34023262/page/Ranking_Up

    Thank you to all our generous donators!
    We appreciate every donation made! Every bit counts.
    Monthly Goal: $200.00
    50 / 200 (25%)

    Vote for TLC as a top server and get diamonds!

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