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    Important Announcements

    Check out the End-of-Summer Creative Building Competition (info and submission thread here) for a chance to win a $15 Steam Gift card! There will also be two $10 prizes offered for the "Most Creative" and the "Most Inspiring" builds! This is a Creative-world building competition, so you'll have the full array of blocks and items at your disposal as you create your masterpiece. The final day to submit your build is September 12, and winners will be announced on September 22, the first day of fall! Good luck!

    New Referral Rewards

    Nathanacus posted Aug 9, 17

    Check out the information thread in the Introduction forums for the official announcement! If you don't want to do that, here's the quick facts -- if you invite a friend to TLC and they mention you in their introduction post, you BOTH get /tpa, /tpahere, and 10,000 points to spend on kits!

    Come one, come all! To celebrate the grand re-opening of Mob Arena, we are going to spend Saturday battling monsters in some of our shiny, new arenas! You've already fought in the Catacombs, but we've got Luigi's Mansion ready for a grand opening this Satuday! There's no specific time -- we'll be starting matches throughout the day as people want, and if we get bored with MA, we can also throw in some Paintball matches!

    Thank you to all our generous donators!
    We appreciate every donation made! Every bit counts.
    Monthly Goal: $200.00
    50 / 200 (25%)

    Vote for TLC as a top server and get diamonds!

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