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    Monthly Record: 14 players (Jan 3, 18)
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     Frequently Asked Questions

    (And other information that you should know before you bother staff about them.)

    NOTE: Please also look at our "Rules" web page for an explanation of all of our most important rules!



    Can I have OP?


    How do I become staff?


    Is there a shortcut to staff?


    How can I become part of the community?


    What are build points, favors, and vouches?


    Where can I build?


    What if I have other questions?







    Can I get a simple run-down of the rules?

    Short Answer:
    Our four cardinal rules say it all -- "Be Smart, Be Nice, Be Respectful, and Be Mature".

    Long Answer:
    We very highly value players who can maintain proper internet etiquette at all times -- that means maintaining your composure and not getting drawn into or instigating senseless arguments, not trolling or spamming, keeping potentially offensive language to a minimum, and generally doing your best to be respectful of everyone's views, opinions, and personalities. Also, try to keep discussion "PG" -- we do have a handful of younger players as well as older players who just don't want to hear risque or inappropriate conversations. If you absolutely must engage in such discussion, we'll allow "PG-13" and go a bit easier on chat-related rules after 1:00am (EST) / 10:00pm (PST). But, that said, we always expect all of our players to be civil to each other -- remember, we're all people, too, and we're all just trying to have some fun with each other!

    Can I have OP? Can I have fly/god/creative/etc.?

    Short Answer:

    Long Answer:
    Only staff and retired staff are permitted to have extra perks such as these, as they have proven themselves completely trustworthy and deserving of such things. There are many "players" who go around to servers asking for OP, and as soon as they get it, trash a server and do their best to send it into ruin. It isn't that we don't trust *you*, per say, but that we can't take risks like that. Plus, we're a survival server, and and we encourage everyone, even staff, to play survival. Also, because of the EULA, we cannot give such "game-breaking" perks to donators.

    Well, then what do I have to do to become staff?

    Short Answer:
    Become part of the community and show us that you really want to help people!

    Long Answer:
    We look for players who are really looking to make TLC one of the best servers around to be a part of our staff team, and being a part of staff is something reserved for players who have shown that they are truly dedicated to our server. "Respectable" servers generally require that you be a member for at least a month or two and we expect roughly the same. Once you have achieved a Tier-2 rank (mason, earl, or mythic), you may apply (nothing is guaranteed) to become a moderator or an engineer.

    But that's so much work and so much time, and I want to help now! Can I just be a mod now?

    Short Answer:
    No, and the more you ask, the longer it will take.

    Long Answer: While we don't want to discourage anyone from serving as part of our staff team, we would expect that anyone truly interested in helping the server can understand why we can't just hand-out staff positions willy-nilly. We really want you to be a part of the community first, and then you can look more into being part of its staff team. We want to make sure that you really enjoy TLC enough to be as committed to it as is required of a staff member. Being a part of staff is a responsibility, and we want to make sure you're ready before taking that responsibility on.

    Alright, I guess I can wait... so... what now?

    Short Answer:
    Get to know people and help us get to know you!

    Long Answer: The best way to start getting to know people, other than playing with them in-game, of course, is to make full use of the website -- the shoutbox, the forums, and private messaging the friends you make in-game. We also have accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook if you're so interested, and we strive to always offer a number of ways to really get to know other members of TLC. In terms of actual advancement, check our the information on the website about our various ranks (it's under "More" in the top menu/navigation bar on the website and in the applications sections of the forums) -- you can already rank-up on your first day just by registering on the forums, posting an introduction thread to introduce yourself, and then posting a civilian application! We almost always approve them within a few hours, as long as an owner, admin, or operator is online!

    So I think that all makes sense... but what the heck are Build Points, Favors, and Vouches?

    Short Answer:
    Build points are a way of grading builds and vouches a way of "grading" your interaction with the community.

    Long Answer: Build Points are assigned to builds for which an application has been posted in the "Build Point Verifier" section of the forums. We grade them out of 60 points covering six sections, and then put those scores into an equation to give a final build point score of zero, one, two, or three. Most standard builds, as long as they're well-done and complete, will receive at least one build point. Vouches are only needed for Communer and Legendary rank applications, and are simply players posting on your application saying "Yes, I vouch for this application and think this person deserves this rank!" "Favors" are an extension of vouches for the Legendary Path, where some of your vouches must consist of players telling us about something you've done for them -- even something as simple as "So-and-so gave me some seeds for my garden when no one else had any to give me".

    Alright, easy enough. But where exactly can I build?

    Short Answer:
    You can build anywhere that isn't already claimed!

    Long Answer: We would encourage you to explore our various wilds, which you can get to through the warp signs in front of the spawn building, and which are basically quicker ways of exploring our world. If you're looking for a city, you can check-out our player-created cities! Once you're settled, you can build a shop in the Marketplace at spawn to help you sell extra blocks and items, and if you choose the Communer or Legendary Paths to rank-up, you'll even be able to create chest shops to automatically sell your goods for you!

    Sounds great! What should I do if I have other questions?

    Short Answer:
    NOW is the time to ask staff and other players!

    Long Answer: Almost everyone on our server is perfectly willing to answer your questions, and those that aren't are probably just not paying attention to chat. If you have other questions and can't easily find the answers on your own, please ask a moderator, engineer, operator, administrator, or owner, or even another player! We all want you to enjoy the server and everything it has to offer, and we're all willing to help make your experience here as pleasant and fun as possible!