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    Online TLC
    10 / 45
    Today's Record: 13 players (3 hours ago)
    Monthly Record: 14 players (Jan 3, 18)
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    No users online.

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    well...I could be
    Are you sure you aren't a zombie?
    hi friends, I am alive
    A little late happy new year! Studies are taking over my life. Send hel-...
    just a little crash, restarting.
    You do not have access to shout.
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    This is Ains_, our disgustingly corrupt Player of The Month who didn't pay me a large sum of money to attain this award.
    This is Sissybar, our community viking/world edit wizard. She isn't holding me captive in a hole somewhere. Please send hel
    The One-Stop Donation Shop
    No
    All of your purchases go directly towards the server; we use the money to pay for the server, the forums, advertisements, and other services as needed. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

    All perks should be awarded automatically, and in most cases, are. If, however, you experience any significant delay, please contact an owner, administrator, or staff member right away. Sometimes the connection between the Enjin plugin and the forums gets rattled, and the perks will need to added manually.
    Show your support for TLC... and look fancy at the same time! These packs give you perks such as hats, colored names, and custom tags!

    NOTE: If you are buying an item that gives a colored name, custom nickname, or colored tag, please contact an admin after purchase so that we can give you your perk! Because of how our ranks are set up in PEX, these perks must be applied manually after purchase.